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Briana Latrise is an American actor, mixed media artist, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Los Angeles, California, USA. Briana is best known as a cast member of “Growing Up Hip Hop”, an American reality television show.

Briana grew up as the daughter of record industry executive Kendu Isaacs who is also the former manager and husband of R&B/Soul singer Mary J. Blige. This unique connection has led to opportunities with some of the most talented and successful artists and entertainment professionals. For example, at the age of 15 years old, she was asked to intern for Interscope Records co-founder and Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine. Briana learned at an early age that determination and willful ambition can carry you far in life – and for her, it has.

As an adult, Briana converted her love of creating art into a career rather than just a hobby. Briana is a consummate artist who aggregates objects and words into representations of her empathetic spirit. Whether it is in the form of an abstract sculpture of a post-apocalyptic world, a painting of a delicate flower, an episodic screenplay, or a heartfelt poem, Briana manifests creative expressions that are intensely and emotionally evocative.

With her infectious smile and trademark freckles in tow, Briana has embarked on a mission to positively affect change in the world. She has become a star in her own right by establishing Tuesday’s Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization created to provide educational, financial, therapeutic and other assistive services for at-risk youth, women and groups in need.