You can always view the status of your package by logging in to your account and clicking the orders tab. Your order number, date of purchase, package status and copy of invoice will be provided.

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Due to shipping complications created by the corona virus outbreak, the current racial climate in America, and various other 2020-related obstacles, an exact delivery timeline can not be estimated. However, you can always view your order status updates via your profile. 

To be safe, please allow up to 4 weeks for processing on items purchased on back order.

Due to the time consuming nature of hand making the incense, an exact date of restocking can not be estimated. However, you can check the page periodically to see updates on all products.

Services are only available Monday through Friday.

My office hours are form 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. I do not work Holidays, Weekends, or special occasions.

These office hours also apply to emails.

Bookings can only be made between two and five days in advance, with weekends unavailable. This means the booking calendar will be unavailable on Fridays or Saturdays, or too far in advance. 

Each reading has a detailed description provided that outlines what occurs during a reading. Also available are comments provided by consumers sharing there experience during their service.

Each smudge bundle has a detailed product description provided below that will allow you to make an educated decision on which type of smudge would best suite your needs. 

It means that the item is available for purchase but is NOT presently in stock. As soon as the stock is replenished orders will then be filled in the order recieved.