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  • LibraLove78

    Definitely diggin’ all of them. Amazing talent Bri! Are they all the same price? If so, may I have the price? If they are different prices, may I have the price of #’s 4, 5, and 6?

    Thank you ,

  • LibraLove78

    Hey my bad, my question was about the digital art collection. The prices of #5, 6, and 7.

    Thank you.

  • Gina hartsock

    No Prices I’m not even sure how to add stuff to cart but don’t want copies want Original copies is a possible. Thanks

  • Al B.

    I’m always happy to see the classics whom i was able to witness their creation. ANNINA, ANIMAS, MIRIAM BELLANA, KANDAKE, PYRAMID SCHEMES MY FACE, AMAZON ORGASM!
    You’ll always be the best piece of art though my friend!

    • Brianalatrise

      I love you! I miss you! I hope you are well!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!

  • George

    How do I purchase your painting? They are wonderful!

  • Blinkie@1966

    Hi!!!! Briana i looked at all of your artwork and i am simply amazed at your talent and vision. I am also interested in buying some of the art work you make. Do you have black crystal necklaces stones that are able to be worn for someone like me that has skin allergies to certain metals like nickle. I need the necklace to be made out of string,leather or fishing line. I know if anyone knows you know skin.Please let me know. Thank You Tamara Jackson Blessings

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