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"God's Gift"

"The name Jesse means 'God's gift'. I once knew a talented man named Jesse. His lyrics would ignite my own flames of passion and I really wanted nothing more than to be one of his many women. (He is polyamorous.) To be fair, I guess I was one of his many, until he himself gave me the very lyrics that made me realized I deserve more."

-Briana Latrise

30" x 24" | Oil on Canvas | "God's Gift | Briana Latrise | 2010
30" x 24" | Oil on Canvas | "Her" | Briana Latrise | 2007


This painting has been SOLD.


"Amazon Orgasm"

This is one of the first oil paintings completed by Briana Latrise as an adult. This painting is unavailable.

24" x 36" | Oil on Canvas | "Amazon Orgasm" | Briana Latrise | 2007
24" x 36" | Oil on Canvas | "Leisure the Flying Lotus" | Briana Latrise | 2007

""Leisure the Flying Lotus"

"Leisure" was an early alias for Briana Latrise, when she was still keeping her art a secret. This piece is unavailable.


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