Handmade Nepalese Singing Bowl Set With Mallet


Creates a beautiful peaceful calming & relaxing sound when tapped or played around the rim. Perfect for when you want time to yourself to relax or meditate.
Singing bowls are used during Prayer, Yoga practices and Meditation for generating positive energy. These singing Singing Bowls generate harmonic sound for sound therapy and chakra healing. They are also used to reduce stress, initiate healing, and induce tranquil silence.

Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronise with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.


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These singing bowls have been used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well being, healing energy, decoration and more for generations. They produce energetic and vibrating sounds which provide stress-free relaxation.

They are used by a wide range of professionals, including health professionals, school teachers, musicians and spiritual teachers.

Singing bowls are used in health care by psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer, and stress and meditation specialists.

They are used to help treat cancer patients and those with post-traumatic stress disorder.

They are popular in classrooms to help facilitate group activities and focus students’ attention.

The Meditation Bowl Set fits in the palm of your hand, looks great on your desk or shelf, and adds a fun and harmonious flavor to your decor.
Bowl available in 5 sizes.
A1: 8.5 x 4.2cm / 3.22 in x 1.65 in
A2: 9.5 x 4.5cm / 3.74 in x 1.77 in
A3: 10.5 x 5cm / 4.1 in x 1.96 in
A4: 12.5 x 6cm / 4.9 in x 2.36 in
A5: 17.5 x 8.5cm / 6.88 in x 3.34 in
Different sizes have different tones.

Beautiful Cushion Rings available for an additional fee in 4 sizes.
8 x 2cm / 3.14 in x 0.78 in
10 x 2.5cm / 3.9 in x 0.98 in
12 x 3cm / 4.7 in x 1.2 in
16 x 3.5cm / 6.3 in x 1.37 in
Random Color. Great for beautifying and stabilizing your singing bowl.

Each singing bowl set is hand selected & inspected to ensure the best sound and quality before shipping.

Set Price Includes Buddha Singing Bowl and 1 Wooden Mallet (cushion ring not included).

How to Use:
1. Place the bowl on the palm of the hand or soft padded cushion (not included).
2. With the mallet in one hand, balance the bowl in place while holding the cushion in the other hand.
3. Gently tap the mallet to the outside and inside edges of the bowl or play it around the rim.
4. The resonant sounds & deep vibrations will fill and calm your soul.

1. Please allow 1-3 cm difference due to manual measurement and 3-5 g for the difference between different colors.
2. Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow it.

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A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, A4, B4, A5


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