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This one hour Personology reading can help you gain clarity on why you respond or react the ways you do to what you do. It can also help you improve many of your relationships and acquaintanceships.

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Who do you think you are ? 

Your traits are behavioural consistencies that you display over your lifespan. These components help to define an individual’s personality and behavioural patterns. 

Personology is the study of the person him/herself using scientific principles and data from astrology, numerology and psychology. 

It is the study of how a person instinctively acts, reacts and functions. Learning this is vital to an individual figuring out who they are and who they are meant to be with. It helps to improve relationships and friendships based upon the traits and characteristics of one’s self. 

We are comprised of different astrological makeups, thus we automatically react a certain way based upon triggered feelings. Because of these differences in energy potentials, it dictates what we select and reject around us. Understanding Personology can help us better navigate through situations.

The study of personology does not speak to matters of the soul, rather explains how and why a person automatically functions the way they do. Knowing oneself better allows the growth of a positive progressive spirit.


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