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Practical Practices: Keys To Abundant Living (Wednesday Class)

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Practical Practices: Keys To Abundant Living (Wednesday Class)

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In today’s society it is extremely easy to absorb, emit and surround ourselves with negativity, doubt, confusion, stress and worry. These are a just few factors faced daily and are known as “Negative or Low Vibrations”.

We as “light bodied individuals” must learn to stop living our lives from a place of lack, disappointment and frustration. But rather focus on the positives of the here and now.

It is never too late to take control of your happiness and together we will be building a solid foundation to live abundantly. We will grow as individuals and learn the tools needed to “Vibrate Higher” on a more consistent basis.

“‘Cause if the foundation isn’t secure, everything crumbles.” – someone great.

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In this ONLINE class, I will be guiding people re: manifesting their destinies and living an abundant life. You already have all the tools inside you, but I want to ensure that you know how to build use the tools to build what you desire. It’s like spiritual carpentry.

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This is a 45-60 minute class.

These classes are currently offered for women only.

This class takes place online, within the zoom app, every Wednesday.


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8 reviews for Practical Practices: Keys To Abundant Living (Wednesday Class)

  1. La2vetta (verified owner)

    Had an extremely insightful experience in this class today! Briana touched on so many processes that allow you to better understand yourself and your control over things brought into your life! I so look forward to the next class!!

  2. Solim2014 (verified owner)

    Bri is very talented and too bad the show growing up hip doesn’t capture that. Bri loves to share her knowledge with others and it’s obvious in her classes. Anyone looking on how to bring positive energy , healing and just ready to make a change in your life, then join one of her classes. Today I learned about low and high vibrations and how important it is for one to pay attention to these. The class felt relaxing and it was informative. Give yourself a chance and try at least one of her classes….I meant the prices aren’t bad at all.

  3. Infinity (verified owner)

    The energy and the vibe was positive and real. The class brought into perspective what we go through everyday and some of the unconscious actions/ decisions we make in our day to day lives and the impact they have. Looking forward to nurturing not only my growth but also those of my peers. Thank you fostering this.. I truly feel this will impact many lives. In fact this is impacting lives positively. Love and light always –glo

  4. Natti_natasha (verified owner)

    it was fun, great class I love how you used your own experiences to help us get an idea. looking forward to the next class and hopefully more.

  5. Deemarieme242 (verified owner)

    This is my second time attending a class. And as always I’ve recieved the highest value one could ever imagine for its pricetag.

    Not only does the class address real life situations, Briana is able to communicate on a level in which everyone can comprehend and appreciate.

    Even while serious elements are being addressed she manages to make the class fun and lighthearted.

    As an individual whose not big on change (although my homework is to evolve from that way of thinking..I’m working on it!) Briana maintains an exceptional level of quality that never disappoints.

    She goes above and beyond by providing reference material, class notes and homework. There is so much much growth and wisdom to be gained from her as an individual that a review simply does NOT do her justice.

    That being said if you’re looking to gain wealth via information… JOIN THE CLASS! Come prepared to learn, grow and experience positive vibrations. I’m already booked for next week…you should book now too!

    #itsofficiallyamovement (in my opinion)

  6. MRose1229 (verified owner)

    This was my first time taking Bri online class and it was so thought provoking, it’s like she’s putting the mirror in front of you and saying. Sis your enough and you can do this. My take away from Saturday class was, that it’s okay to put time into yourself without feeling guilty. Words are powerful and be careful of the words you put out. #myvibrationglow #BriVibes

  7. Gorillafunk (verified owner)

    This class has definitely been a blessing in my life. And the feminine energy is amazing. Briana is a light. And she gives it to you straight. Looking forward to the next class and many more to come!

  8. Ladyvenus222 (verified owner)

    If this class happens to find your way into your life, (like it did for me) then sign up, join in on the fun, and get ready to learn something new. I am so happy and thankful that I made the choice to attend Briana’s class. I took notes that I know for sure will serve a meaningful purpose in my life.

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