Salt Baths


These salt baths are recommended once a week or once a month. After creating your bath, enter the bathtub and state your intentions. Some may choose to incoperate other spiritual guides or use reiki or other source energy, however, this is often not necessary. Various cultures prefer the use of cups to pour the bath water from their head, allowing it to flow down to their toes, while others simply get into the water and soak.

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Do you find yourself constantly fatigued, always battling an unknown illness or overly sensitive to the spiritual stimuli around you, despite the use of meditation, crystals, spiritual growth and removing clusters of negative energy from your life?

While you are utilizing some amazing tools, I recommend that you incoperate spiritual bathing into your ritualistic healing practices to enhance the ability of negative energy removal from your aura. It is important to note that the frequency of cleansing of ones aura is just as significant as the frequency in which one cleans their skin.

We are exposed to a vast amount of negative energy on a dialy basis, even the act of sexual intercourse allows for the exchange of energies, which makes this an excellent tool to  promote healing from a past relationship. Full and new moons are considered the perfect time to take spiritual baths due to the increased amount of energy in the atmosphere.

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