So, in case you don’t know, I spent the last decade actively learning and more importantly DILIGENTLY studying business. I’ve failed far more times than I’ve won and only now at the tail end of ten years am I actually seeing the full benefits, or the fruits of my labors.

It’s no secret that the cards are often stacked against us women of color in the business world. (In the world in general, to be completely fair.) From the racisms to the patriarchy and then when you add motherhood into the mix it just feels almost impossible sometimes. However, no hurdle has ever stopped me. No wall has ever kept me out. No ditch, no slope, no struggle has kept me from pursuing my goals! Period.

With all that said… when I receive emails from people, for advice about their own businesses, it often enturbulates me. Let me explain:

I get agitated at the thought that I, with a small baby strapped to my back, no babysitter, no child care, no help from anyone, no start-up loan, no formal education and no real support FIGURED IT THE F*&% OUT, BY MYSELF! Yet I receive ridiculous emails from other fully capable, grown women of color. Emails littered with trivial questions about starting a business  that could easily be answered with the most minimal effort. Emails that make me feel as though I am no more respected by these women than the men who neglect us, the white people who discredit and rob us, the system that denies us. Am I nothing more to you than some kind of cheap, free tool. So idiot who will do all YOUR work and answer all the questions for you!?

At first, I’m annoyed. Irritated, and even disgusted but then, when I’ve taken the offended emotional out of the situation, I realize I feel sorry for you. You will never succeed without doing your own work. If you can’t be brilliant enough, diligent enough, or disciplined enough to do your own research, your own experimentation, your own WORK, then what are you gonna do when no one’s around to do it for you?

Stop looking to everyone else to do what you’re supposed to do. Honor your ancestors and stop bullshitting yourselves.


Thank You

-Briana Latrise